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NOW INTRODUCING: Selling on Amazon & eBay with iShip!

iShip is a registered and trusted leading company in Lebanon since 2014.

Are you looking for a way to make fresh extra money?

Do you have products that are in demand?

iShip is presenting you with the chance to sell your products on Amazon & eBay! 2 of the biggest selling platforms in the world with over 300 million potential customers!

This service will allow you take your selling business to the next level and have a buyers’ market like no other.

eBay & Amazon are the ultimate place for any seller to present his new or second hand items, personal or commercial, and simply just the widest range you can come across. Feel free to list 1 item up to 1000 items, we would be more than glad to assist you.

What can I sell ?

We sell items with value above 50$ only, items below 50$ cannot sell at the moment


We will take care of the process for you from A to Z. We will start by doing the following:

  • Listing your items for Sale.
  • Acting as an intermediary between you (the seller) and the buyer.
  • Give you all the tips and tricks to make your item a hot sell on Amazon/eBay.
  • When your item is sold, we will ship the item to the seller and you will get paid within 2 weeks of the sale date in Cash USD!


Originally, iShip sarl is a shipping & trading company specialized in e-commerce, active and trusted in Lebanon since 2014, your items are in safe hands. is our marketplace, a subsidiary of iShip.

Contact us:

(Landline + Whatsapp)



Ready to Sell ?

Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 8 files.



As a seller, you need to know a few things:

  • We will not ask for your items until they are sold, so they will remain in your possession until a sale has been made. We are only listing them online, so there is no commitment.
  • We pay you back in cash or by wire transfer from outside Lebanon (fresh).
  • Original products only, no fake items whatsoever.
  • Be transparent and accurate as much as possible in regards to your items. By describing their status: used / new / open box / refurbished / tested / inspected / not working / etc…
  • Submit high res clear pictures along history of the item, and any further information to help it sell well.
  • Our minimum selling price 50$, we cannot sell items below 50.
  • If you sell the item yourself outside eBay or Amazon, inform us immediately so we remove it.


In regards to fees, they represent 25 to 30% of the item value.

eBay, Amazon, PayPal and the banks charge a percentage on the sale. For example, if you are selling your item for 200$, after deducting the fees, you will earn 150$.

Fees depends on some factors: category of your product and the shipping cost.

Tip: When you evaluate your item to know its selling price, start by searching on eBay or Amazon for similar products, you will see how much other sellers are selling it, and choose the best price, i.e. not too expensive nor too cheap.

Keep in mind the buyer will also pay for the shipping to his location, an average of 20$ per Kgs. So, if your item is worth 200$ and 1 KGs weight, the buyer will pay 200 + 20.


What can you sell?

Commercial products and personal products, such as:  Collectibles, coins, bank notes, toys, vintage items, electronics, phones, all types of tools, industrial or technical, spare parts, books, paintings, art, personalized products, fashion…

Looking into your storage room to see what could be sold, and search on Amazon/eBay if someone else is selling it, you will know if it is worth.

Not recommend to sell: heavy items like a bed, as its shipping cost is over expensive, unless it’s a piece of art that is worth a lot.

Forbidden Products:

  • Illegal Items
  • Tobacco
  • Antiques with no trusted origins
  • Arms/Weapons

 Items That Need Pre-Approval:

  • Food/Beverages/Spices/Herbs
  • Batteries and Dangerous Items
  • Cosmetics
  • Chemicals
  • Liquids
  • Medical Equipment

Some of these items might need commercial origin, commercial documents, special labeling requirements, and special packaging demands. We can ship on case by case, and will surely advise you with the necessary.


Buyer’s protection:

  • eBay and Amazon protects the buyers and demands that you accept returns and refunds. The buyer has the right to return the item if it is not as described, not original, not working, or did not arrive.
  • The return period is usually 30 days. The buyer will pay for the return. In this case, you will be offering the buyer a replacement, or refund his payment.
  • You can refuse returns, but it will decrease your chances of selling.
  • To avoid returns, you need to be as accurate as possible when displaying and describing your items, and of course double pack your items properly for safe transport.

In case we sell a fake product or not as described, we don’t get paid.


N.B: Our fees dont include:

Added Services:

LOCAL PICKUP: We can pick up the product anywhere in Lebanon at 5 or 7 dollar depending on your location. (Subject to increase if item is above 15 kg and based on dimensions). Please note you can drop it off at our Beirut office.

  • PACKING: Your products must be packed extremely well to avoid any unnecessary damages. It will travel the globe before reaching its destination, so this is crucial. In case the item arrived damaged, we don’t get paid. Double packing is preferable, bubble wrapping is needed for glass,fragile and valuable items. We can assist in packing your items at a low cost added fee.
  • LABELING: if you have a consistent number of exports, a small added cost for labeling your boxes for shipping will be included.
  • INSURANCE: insurance is an added service that will depend on the price and type of item being sold (ex. laptops v/s Rolex watch)
  • MARKETING: For an extra cost, we will promote and list your items on main pages of eBay/Amazon and increase your products’ exposure to the buyers, so that your items sell fast.

Once you are ready to list your product, we will need

  • Your name and contact details
  • Pictures of the item(s)
  • Details & of the item(s)
  • Estimated selling price of the item(s)
  • Approximate weight and dimensions
  • Details about yourself and your business, if you are a trader


Feel free to contact us with your questions and product information!

Yours Truly,


57 thoughts on “Sell on Ebay & Amazon from Lebanon”

    1. Hello Raghida, Thanks for your message.

      We are looking at orders or products with value above 60$, because shipping with couriers like DHL starts at 20$ = the buyers are paying for the products + shipping.
      Products below 60 will be expensive to ship and hard to sell. Unless we are talking about quantities (trading B2C), in which case contact our sales team, as we have business solutions.
      If your items are below 60$, we recommend selling multiple products together, like a package or basket conbination.

      Everything is explained in this page:

      Please check it out and let me know your questions.
      You can submit your items in this same page, there is a form at the bottom where you fill details.

      Selling on eBay is easy, no commitments from your side except being clear and accurate about your items.
      You will see and follow your item online. When a buyer pays for your item, we pick it up from you, we ship it, and get the money back to you in cash USD. We make an agreement to protect you and us from the deal and the money is with you in 15 to 20 days.

      Our company is registered since 2014 with top customers reviews, google us: “”

      Hope we can sell stuff together. Please follow the link I sent you.

      Thanks and Regards
      01587570 (Landline and WhatsApp)

      1. I sell my products in a lower price in order to get more castomers + i have more than 1 set example ceramic coloring kit is devided into (cars / princess/sweets/insects/ flowers/ mike and mini mouse/animals and much more )
        Souvenir ( the royal souvenir/ qor2an souvenir/ and the customized souvenir )
        Coloring posters ( farm / space/ Disney/ under the sea/ dinosaur/and much more )

        1. Hello Marwan,

          Thanks for contacting us.

          It is true, pricing and competition is very important online, the better the price the more chances of selling.
          Please get in touch with us thru Whatsapp 01580570 or email and share with us some pictures or details of your products so we advise you on how to proceed.

          Thank you,

  1. hello its elie sibai
    thank you for this service
    i just sent you a mont blanc wallet to be potentially sold online
    thank you looking forward to post / sell more items

  2. I’m a Lebanese artist and I make all kinds of drawings (Pencil, Charcoal, Aquarelle, Gouache, Oil and Acrylic).
    Can produce Classic and Impressionism art in all sizes.
    Ready to receive and perform special orders

    1. Hello Said,

      eBay and Etsy are good places for listing art.
      We can create the product on these platforms, thousands of people will see it. It is a good awareness / marketing for your work and potential to sell.

      Listing is now for free, we only ask for the items when they are sold. You earn your money within 15 days in fresh cash.
      To send us the details of your items, use the form in this page, where also you insert pictures.

      I recommend you contact us so we discuss more and learn about your art:; 01587570 (Whatsapp)

      Rest assured it is easy and our company is registered, trusted since 2014. Google iShip, we have 5 stars top customer reviews.

      Thanks and Regards,

    1. Hello Michael,

      Of course are interested. eBay is an excellent place to list your stamps, many other collectors do. Listing them now is for free, we only ask for the stamps when they are sold. You earn your money within 15 days in fresh cash.
      In order to give them a value (price), check Ebay for similar stamps, try to be less expensive in order to attract buyers.
      To send us the details and pictures of the stamps, use the form in this page, where also you insert pictures.

      It is important you be accurate and give us real genuine information, because if the information is false or the item is different than shown, eBay does not pay us.

      Rest assured it is easy and our company is registered, trusted since 2014. Google iShip, we have 5 stars top customer reviews.

      Thanks and Regards,

    1. Hello,

      yes of course, almost anything can be sold, as long as they are attractive and well priced.
      To have an idea, visit website to see what they sell.

      Branded items are demanded, fashion, electronics, tools, spare parts, collectibles, antiques. Famous brands or luxurious items as well.
      But not too heavy items, for example no beds or treadmills or furniture, no fake items or illegal products.

      Tell us more about your products?

      Thank you ,

  3. Hello, i want to be a seller on ebay and i am located in lebanon, but they are not letting me chose an other payment method than paypal which is not available in my country, what are my options?

    1. Hi Yasmina,

      Yes to become vendor on Amazon/eBay, ones needs to have a company and bank account in their country. We have done this part.
      By using our service we will list your items on their site, with all details of your products, to attract buyers.
      One an order is made, we will ship to the buyer and transfer your money thru our process to pay you cash USD.

      Please get in touch with us with details of your products, or provide us your number so we reach you to discuss the next steps.

      OF course we can sell cloth, branded is preferably, keeping in mind to have competitive prices. I suggest you check amazon and ebay for similar brands, so have an idea how much they sell for.

      Thanks and Regards,

      1. Hello, yes i have some questions about the procedure and about using the site, should i give you my number to make things clearer?

  4. Hello I’m Naji from Lebanon, i have a small authentic clothes store and I’m looking to sell on ebay and Amazon. Thanks for help!

    1. Hello Naji,

      Authentic products are always demanded by overseas clients, specially when qualisity is provided.
      We have our own store on eBay + Amazon, we will list your products for your checking , we will mention all details you ask for, including your brand name.
      Kindly lets get in touch on the phone or email to discuss in details.

      Selling on eBay is easy, no commitments from your side except being clear and accurate about your items.
      You will see and follow your item online. When a buyer pays for your item, we pick it up from you, we ship it, and get the money back to you in cash USD. We make an agreement to protect you and us from the deal and the money is with you in 15 to 20 days.

      Our company is registered since 2014 with top customers reviews, google us: “”

      Hope we can sell stuff together.

      01587570 (office and whatsapp)

    1. Dear Houry,

      Thanks for the comment. We will reach out by email to you and then we can schedule a call to learn more about your products.

      Selling on eBay is easy, no commitments from your side except being clear and accurate about your items.
      You will see and follow your item online. When a buyer pays for your item, we pick it up from you, we ship it, and get the money back to you in cash USD. We make an agreement to protect you and us from the deal and the money is with you in 15 to 20 days.

      Thanks and Regards,
      iShip ish7anli team – 01587570 (WhatsApp + office # )
      Our company is registered since 2014 with top customers reviews, google us: “”

  5. Hello,
    I am johnny from Beirut.
    I would like to ask if you sell used clothes for individual and not store?
    Note , I have an original ferre suite which i want to sell.
    Thank you.

    1. Hello Johnny,

      Yes of course, branded cloth (used or new) are demanded all over the world.
      Send us the details of your suite with the price you are asking for. Before that, check for similar suits so you know how much it is worth and be competitive.
      To send us your product details + pictures, please submit the form in the middle of this page:

      We will list your item, you will see it yourself of course . And we simply attract buyers somewhere on the globe.
      We take care of the shipping, and getting your income. You just need to pack it properly for transport and to give us the correct original item.
      In the case the item is fake, we dont get paid.

      Hope this is good.
      Thank you,
      iShip ish7anli team

  6. Hello dear after i checking the link you send to me as my listed item , when i open it i see different items dear or it says this item has been removed ? How can i contact you on watsapp pls

    1. Hello Ahmad,

      Kindly contact our team on 01587570 (WhatsApp available on this number). I dont see your item has been listed yet. Carol will support you.
      Thank you very much,
      iShip ish7anli

  7. Hi there,
    My name is Roula Nahas, I am a jewelry designer and my brand’s Be Different.
    I am interested in promoting/selling my jewelry on eBay and Amazon to increase my sales and build exposure. I have been in the business since 2014.
    I am already a customer of DHL a d I have an iship address as well in the US.
    Let me know what are the next steps.
    Thank you and reagrds,

    1. Hi Roula,

      We appreciate your positive feedback.
      It is true, Amazon and eBay are super platforms with a huge potential of customers and presence.
      We take care of listing your items, promoting them and acting as intermediaries between yourself and the buyers. We also can handle the shipping, we dont mind if you prefer to do it yourself, as long as it is a fast, trackable and insured service. After all, we need to maintain high level of customer satisfaction when selling abroad.

      To proceed, lets get in touch, I will ask our team to contact you , to gather info on your products, to discuss the selling rates and to start listing your products.

      Thanks and Regards,
      Roy @ ish7anli iShip team

  8. hi ,
    i make tables for televivison and we have about 20 different models , the tables its from MDf wood and high end painting .

    jean claude

    1. Hi Jean Claude,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      At the moment, we sell and export from Lebanon on retail basis, meaning each order ship out alone. For example, a client in France orders a TV stand, it will ship directly from your store to the client in France.

      Due to the dimensions and weight of furniture, such as TV stands, the shipping price will be very expensive, more than the product price itself, so clients and buyers will not be interested and it makes such products difficult to sell.

      The solution that other traders have, is having a stock in each market, for example having a stock of products in Europe, in the USA, GCC… and shipping products directly in the same country.
      We can do this (fulfillment), sending bulk or quantities of your products to the USA, they will be stored at Amazon or eBay. When an order is made (client pays), Amazon will delivery it and we get your income.
      Are you ready for this? Which market country is your potential? Which product has potential for best sales? Noting that shipping fees from Lebanon to Amazon/eBay is on your account.

      We can discuss more if you like by email and on the phone.

      Thanks and Regards,
      Roy Abouzeid

    1. Hi Nancy,

      of course, it is what we do. We list your items on eBay, Amazon and maybe Etsy in the future. We take care of the promotion, shipping and taking care of the money transfer.
      Someone from our team will contact you to learn more about your products.

      Thanks and Regards,

    1. Hi Abirah,

      Interesting, someone from our team will be in touch.
      The most important is that the sneakers be original, we dont get paid in case of any conflits.

      Thanks and Regards,

  9. I’ve tried to post a picture of the thing I want to sell but it’s shows up thats it couldn’t be uploaded because file exceeds the max size allowed.
    Can you help me please

  10. Hi, I sell skin, hair and body products, all natural made in USA, France and Germany.
    I’m offering a wide variety of products with the most competitive prices and best effective results. Can i post them through your company’s website hoping to reach out worldwide!
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Sara,

      Thanks for your comment. Of course we can, selling products made in te the USA or Europe is attractive for international buyers, especially if the brand is already known = buyers are already looking for such products.
      The challenge however, is that you already imported these products from abroad to Lebanon (cost) , and now you want to re-export them. Your prices might be higher than other sellers. I mean by that, your prices need to compete with other sellers around the world selling similar products. Buyers always look for the best price.

      We take care of promoting the products, listing them online, handling the shipping, tracking and transferring your earnings.
      Let’s get in touch to proceed further, I will ask a member of the team to contact you.

      Thank you,
      Roy @

  11. Hello, I’m a wholesale women clothing company and I’m interested in collaborating with Amazon but is there any way to work with B2B firms since the prices will be from
    ( 10–>30$ ) so if we can mention MOQ like AliBaba maybe we can go through ..

    1. Hi Mohamad,

      Amazon works mostly on retail basis, there are no MOQ’s. However, you can sell lots of multiple items together, for example 10 pieces of mixed products together, like a set or a basket. Let’s get in touch to discuss more, we can do so by email or over Whatsapp/Zoom +9613565888.

      Please drop me a message.
      Thanks and Regards,

  12. Hey! forgot to add the information about me!
    My name is rita and i already have a thrift shop page with used and new items! accessories, bags and clothes and im hoping i can sell them!

    1. Hello Rita,

      Thanks, we have received 2 new products from your side. A member of our team will reply to you. Please remember we have to be competitive when pricing the items for sale, because there are many other sellers in the world selling similar items and they have low prices. Buyers around the world look for the best price. Also, the pictures of the items have to be clear, bright and high resolution.

      If you have many products, you can prepare an excel with the details/specs of the products.

      Hope this helps and hope to sell together.

      Thank you,
      We will be in touch.

    1. Hello Raghed,

      Thanks for writing.

      Make ups are interesting and demanded everywhere. There are many rules and regulations to follow, because it is a skin/body involving product, so health issues need to be followed. In other words, cosmetics needs to follow the EU and USA standards.

      Some cosmetics, like liquids and gel are complicated to ship because the shipping companies consider them dangerous, extra charges are involved.

      Maybe you are already aware of all that and ready to trade.

      We have 2 ways to sell:

      – Ship from Lebanon each order when a buyer make a deal: the buyer pays for the product and shipping. The minimum shipping price to export from Lebanon is 18$. It might look expensive, this is a Lebanese fact being a small economy. For this reason, we recommend selling orders, or bundles of multiple products , with value above 50$. The shipping will not seem high to the buyer.

      – Ship from the USA/Europe/GCC: in which case you provide us a stock of your items, we send them in bulk to the USA or Europe or the GCC. This cuts down the shipping costs, makes deliveries faster and is more attractive to buyers. The downside is that you need to send your stock and pay for the bulk shipping to the country we will sell in.

      About Competition: Amazon and eBay have thousands of sellers from different countries selling all types of products. Before entering new markets, make sure to study them. Are you able to compete with other sellers? Are your prices better? Is you product differentiated or unique ? What are your advantages? …

      Hope this helps. Contact us or share more details.

      Thank you,
      Roy @
      +961 1 587 570

  13. hello,
    My name is Lynn and i am selling this amazing stamp album that contains approximately 190 vintage stamps from all around the world.

    i hope i can find an interested stamp collector via this page

    Thank you

    1. Hello Lynn,

      Thanks for sharing your product.
      Stamps are demanded on eBay and by many collectors, we can list your album on eBay and attract buyers.
      I have replied to your email, we can proceed together.

      Thank you,
      Roy @

  14. Hello,
    My name is Lynn and i am shopaholic. I am in the process of decluttering my closet and i have a lot of second hand items (all in good condition), items still in tag
    that i want to sell on this platform. Are you interested?

    1. Hello Lynn,

      Of course, second hand branded items sell well on eBay, especially famous and luxurious brands.
      I recommend you check eBay for similar items of yours, to know their value and how much other people are selling them for.

      Send me your items by email so we agreed together on the selling prices. If you have more than 4 items, we suggest making an excel table to have all info inside.

      Hope to sell together,
      Thanks and Regards,

  15. Hello
    My bame is fayad and i want to sell a robot that clean window but is dont know the waxct price of it

    Pleae can you help me with the price and with all the steps that i should follow to let this item be selled?

    1. Hello Fayad,

      The best is to get in touch and discuss this, kindly send the product details to whatsapp on 01580570 (Business Whatsapp) and we will study it together. Thanks 🙂

    1. Hello,

      We search for products with value above 60$, because shipping starts at 25$ = the buyers are paying for the products + shipping.
      Products below 60$ will be expensive to ship and hard to sell.

      You are welcome to chat with us on 01587570 (Whatsapp Business)

      Thank you 🙂

  16. Hi I would like to sell paintings for 27 dollars but I don’t know how to put them on amazon or ebay can I please send you yhe pictures and you put them on ebay or amazon please thank you

    1. Hello,

      We search for products with value above 60$, because shipping starts at 25$ = the buyers are paying for the products + shipping.
      Products below 60$ will be expensive to ship and hard to sell.

      You are welcome to chat with usto talk more, on 01580570 (Whatsapp Business)

      Thank you 🙂

  17. Dears,
    I have valuable old stamps for all over the world for around 100 countries, some of them are very old more than 100 years, I need to put on Ebay or Amazon, what should I do and how do I have to coordinate with you.

    1. Hello Ghassan and thanks for your input.

      We can chat or call on Whatsapp when you like 01580570
      eBay is a good place list your stamps. I recommend you check their site to see how other people sell their stamps, check the pictures, description.
      We will need similar info and pictures.

      I dont know if you want to sell all stamps as 1 set or seperate, we can do both.
      To send us the details+pictures, you can do so in this page, in the middle there is a form:
      or by email to

      Please note we sell at a minimum price of 50, we cannot sell items below. And also keep in mind shipping is 25$, so the buyers are paying for your items + this shipping. To be taken into consideration when you put the value of the stamps.

      Hope this helps.

      Thank you 🙂

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