Upgrade Version CNC 3018 Pro GRBL Control DIY Mini CNC Machine, Wood Router Engraver with Offline Controller + 5mm ER11 PCB +20PCS 3.175MM CNC Router Bits + 4 Sets CNC Plates+ 13 Pcs ER11 Collet Set: Home Improvement

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CNC 3018 Pro

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15.7 pounds

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17.5 x 9.5 x 7 inches

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3.9 out of 5 stars

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December 27, 2018

10 reviews for Upgrade Version CNC 3018 Pro GRBL Control DIY Mini CNC Machine, Wood Router Engraver with Offline Controller + 5mm ER11 PCB +20PCS 3.175MM CNC Router Bits + 4 Sets CNC Plates+ 13 Pcs ER11 Collet Set: Home Improvement

  1. Sungwook K.

    This CNC 3018 Pro has an ordinary Chinese quality, but the seller, WAM Direct, is a very dependable seller who makes very quick response to all communication requests and is eager to solve any issue related to their product.The product delivered very quick. I have ordered it on Saturday and it has delivered the next day. All parts are packed in the box nicely with plastic packing materials layer by layer. Most parts are not assembled except the X-Z head block. Aluminum extrudes cut in factory with a protection film have some cut debris attached, and bakelite parts have some oil residue, but overall conditions are OK. The step by step assembly process is not difficult if you follow the small booklet included, except 4 linear slide blocks under the table. You have to check the next diagram for the direction of 4 blocks. The small CD included in the box or the link in their product description page has all required software along with some word files. Once you install the CH340SER driver, you can connect the CNC controller to your PC and can launch the GRBL control program (candle) to control the CNC. Please follow the direction in the manual to select the correct COM port. Mine works with com4. The CD holds 3 sample gcode files to try. It would be good to try a dry run (run with empty spindle and the table) for an half a minute for a new file to check how it would run. Some gcode files make the gantry or the table crash to the frame, although the stepper only slips with lots of noise but still it would not be recommended. The offline controller also comes with these 3 sample codes in the SD card, but my unit had a problem with the offline controller, and I could not test at the first time. Overall, from assembly to the running of the first sample code wouldn’t be that difficult. Once you get yourself familiar with the bundled software, candle, then you may also try a free software, bCNC, for more features and predefined simple jobs. And for your own design, you may try freely available CAD/CAM software Easel, FreeCad, or Fusion360.Initially, I had a problem with the offline controller, the spindle motor, the lead screw coupling, and the XZ header. When I made a contact to the seller with my issues, their response was very quick and their support to solve my issue was so generous and kind. Even their shipping of replace parts was so quick, and it took only 2 days by DHL from Singapore. Thinking that no product would be perfect, choosing a dependable seller would be important to succeed with an investment, and I am very satisfied with this seller.As a beginner to CNC, I’ll update the review as I progress with this entry CNC machine.Thanks!

  2. Douglas Kremer

    This is a great product for beginners, Customer service is great and solved a minor problem I had with the assembly. This company has your back on any problems you have with the basic machine. Finding a source for software to do the automatic milling cuts is a bit difficult but not impossible, I did finally find a reasonable priced third party source for the basic code that feeds into the Grblcontrol code provided. I am now looking for another control code to replace the Grblcontrol software. The Grblcontrol software doesn’t seem to be very modern in the way it accepts commands. For example when you input a circle it requires that you input a X, Y, J, I at each cut, even if one of those value hasn’t changed from a previous setting. Modern coding makes the assumption that unless you change a setting it will use the previous value. That means you need to go into the code and change each line to add those values. Very time consuming.

  3. Fixer-upper

     I’m giving this 5-Stars, because it’s a lot of good working hardware for $179 and the vendor ensured I got a working kit.Here’s what I liked and why it’s good for my needs:-Packed nicely here were no parts missing. Includes cables, power supply, even a very nice collet for spindle-Nothing was bent or broken. None of the hardware seems too cheap or flimsy for its role for a hobby-grade tool.-All three stepper motors work-The spindle motor works-The USB-based controller card works-Kit assembles into a very nice compact solid unit. Very nice for a desktop. Great for small stuff.-All the axis work and things move without resistance meaning everything aligns and squares up properly.-Comes with most of allen wrench sizes needed (I needed to use one allen wrench for my tool box, that they didn’t provide).Note that giving it 5-stars in -spite- of the fact that it’s not well-documented and it should be, and in spite of the fact that it was a bit of challenge to figure things out. But It’s pretty much a nerd-level product and they tried to indicate that in the product description. So consider yourself warned that this leaves some of the research / experimentation to the buyer and they presume the buyer has some skills.The default operating is based on free open source software and tools. It comes with a GRBL controller board (i.e. flashed with GRBL firmware) that talks over the USB port (which presents itself USB-to-serial device on your host computer, in my case, running on macOS Mojave).When the GRBL CNC controller board provided with the kit is powered up and connected via USB, you can start sending GCODE commands to the GRBL interpreter running on the board and operate the motors. The first step I recommend is to try to connect with the Arduino IDE at 115200 baud and see if you can get the GRBL prompt. After that, it’s a matter of finding the right CAD/CAM tools to speak GCODE to the GRBL interpreter.The GRBL site recommends using (free) GRBL aware bCNC CAM software. I downloaded bCNC from github (bCNCis a python2 TCL/TK based GUI/CAM tool). It’s a free, light unpolished MACH3 like GCODE interpreter GUI. As shown in the video I’m posting with this review, I was able to jog the motors and everything moved perfectly on the each, and I was able to start and stop the spindle motor with a GCODE command, and whalla! The rest is on me to get right. They sold me a ‘piano’ that works, but they can’t make me a ‘Mozart’ :-)However, I would not get this unless you feel pretty comfortable with CNC and hardware and are good and building stuff and figuring things out.Documentation doesn’t come with the kit; they give you a URL and a username/password to log in and then point you to a folder instructions for a different kit (similar basic building but many differences). I did have to scratch my head a few times to figure it out, but once’s the frame is built things start to get clearer a little at a time as you attack problems.The following describes issues I had or confusion, things I had to work at figuring out. Hopefully will save you some time and give you more confidence about getting a unit.- The corner connectors: All the rails attach to one another with a 45º aluminum corner piece. Each takes a hex screw through a washer from the inside of the corner piece. The weird little nuts go into the aluminum rails. As you tighten them the nuts rotate to a crosswise position to lock it into the rail. Sometimes you have to loosen the screw a bit and retighten to get it to rotate, and in a couple of places I nudged them to their crosswise (e.g. securable position) with a wire. Anyway, after you get a couple of corners on, you’ll be used to it. They make very solid connections, but don’t tighten too much too early. Make sure things are aligned, flat and squared up before you start to tighten things down.- 4 wing nuts and the associated washers and parts – those are the work clamps for holding work pieces to the X-Y table.- Be careful when installing the rails and lead screws! Take you time to line things up and test the slide is smooth and then tighten the rails and make sure the axis sliding works perfectly before installing the lead screw parts, and when installing the lead screws, be sure to install the anti-backlash nuts for the X and Y axis (Z-axis comes pre-assembled). You want to be sure the rails work smoothly and the leadscrews are aligned and centered in the coupling nuts and to test things gradually and incrementally to avoid putting misaligned stress on things. One reviewer said he got a bent lead screw , but I suspect it got bent because either he built it out-of-alignment and forced something, or he didn’t center the lead screws. Or he didn’t properly use the set screws to center the motor spindles and lead screws in the couplers and he only assumed that the off-axis induced stress intervals meant a lead screw was bent.- The anti-backlash nuts… brass. They are two flat-ish loose parts that have threads. They fit into the opposite ends of the threaded components for the X and Y axis. There’s kind of a quasi slot on the 2 existing components with threaded inserts in them pre-assembles and it’s into that slot that the anti-backlash nuts go.- Centering the lead screws in the couplers: The X and Y lead screws attach to the stepper motor with couplers. Each coupler has 4 associated set screws and they need to be tightened opposing each other in such a way that they hold the associated motor spindle and lead screw centered. If the couplers are attached off-center you may think that the lead screws are bent as the leadscrew rotation will fill like bind a little in parts of the rotation. If you get them centered the motors will be able to move the parts along the axis without any binding. You will feel smooth unhampered rotation throughout the cycles and the full range of linear motion.- Controller board does allow you to buy/add your own limit switches (you can see the X, Y, Z hookups for the switches).- I also read you can get automated Z-axis zeroing via the A4 pin (hole) on the controller board. From what I understand grounding that pin makes it believe that the tool has hit the metal plate on the table… so you can wire that up.Note that if you search Amazon, you can find various identical 1610 and similar models, many of which use the same GRBL based USB CNC controller board. And if you read through the comments and Q and A you can get a lot of answers for questions you have, for any I haven’t already answered here.

  4. JimH

    So I was looking for a fun project to handle some automatic CNC type projects. While i have a large Manual Mill – having something compact and automatic was a strong attraction.This is not something for milling steel or such – but for wood, plastic and such – it is a great little machine.Assembly of the 3018 PRO is simple and straightforward. I do recommend watching their assembly video – it answers most any question as to direction, sequence, etc.As to customer service – they are OUTSTANDING. I had a linear bearing that was sticking and precluding the Y-Axis from moving – contacted via Email – they responded within 24 hrs – and within a few days I had a whole new set of bearings. And it works like a champ.This is not something for a novice IMHO – you must have a bit of a feel for assembling items – you are blending plastics with Aluminum and bakelite/arcylic – so amount of torque is critical.Also remember this is a $200 unit – not a $5000 CNC mill.While I have not had it running for a long time – initial work proved it very easy and smooth to operate and it did a great job.My ultimate intention is for plastics and PCB work for school and personal stuff – and this will be perfect.

  5. Amazon Customer

    Even engraving bits, ball end bits and collets are included. Instructions are mostly pictures but easy to follow. The included CD has a PDF of the instructions which I printed out so that I could see the details easier than the smaller pictures within the supplied booklet. Wiring was super easy with all the connectors already made up so that everything just plugs or snaps together. Pay close attention to the orientation of linear bearing blocks and lead screw nuts. I closely studied the diagrams and took my time and had it fully assembled in just three hours. Even taking time to measure to perfectly center the table before snugging the fasteners. I used blue removable locktite and just snug the fasteners without overtightening. On smaller things especially dissimilar metals this has always served me well.

  6. C. Jones

    Great Kit for the general hobbyist with an interest in CNC.Build:This is a great overall kit that took about an hour to assemble. No major problems or outside needs. Find one of the many youtube videos to support a good workflow during assembly to help out. All pieces we in great shape and have been working fine many months in.Operation:Once again, hunt on youtube for some basic software setup recommendations for the 3018. I personally have played with both Carbide Create and Easel with good success. You will have to fine tune cut depths, speeds, etc. to get the desired results. This is not for the novice looking for a turnkey solution, expect to tinker to get your projects perfect. So far I have only used on wood, but no big issues to date.Overall:Great value for the hobbyist. I would certainly upgrade if I was going more than small number projects. This has been a great place to start with learning and playing with CNC. Can’t really beat the price as a starting point!

  7. D Frate

    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – for those looking to try CNC for 3-axis wood or soft metal (works OK for aluminum bracelet engraving so far) at an entry level price. It was packed very securely. It arrived quickly. All parts were present with a few extra of some small (and probably easy to drop/lose) fasteners. With the included offline controller and bits, I was able to do my first carve in about an hour after I opened the box. Customer service answered my emails within 24hr and all of my questions were answered completely.Software:The included software installed easily on my Windows 10 PC and worked with the included USB cable without problems.Hardware:After my first couple test carves ( What can I say? I HAD to try it out right away! ), I got a bit geekier and losened all of the mounting points, and rebuilt it on a recently machined marble counter top so that I knew I was starting with a flat surface. I shimmed the uprights on the gantry so that they were also flat with the counter top ( I used the included flat-stock wrenches as the shims to ensure level with the counter and the same height ), and after tightening down the gantry, I ran the still slightly lose aluminum table all the way to negative Y limits and positive Y limits, securing the mounts that were at limit in both situations to ensure that the mounts kept the table square. I ran the spindle to the corners of the table and measured the distance between the bit I had installed and the table. I adjusted the table guide rails as much as I could and tightened them down. It was almost completely level (within a couple thousandths ) Next step, I may punch shims out of transparency sheets and reset the table mounts to account for the difference. For now, I used a flat end mill to plane some MDF as a waste board, giving me a “machine flat” work surface ( made a big difference engraving designs across 6″ of Al. ).The new control board ( grbl 1.1 compliant ) is covered ( the old one was not ) and includes a fan. Both boards have connections for a laser attachment. Both boards have open connectors for the offline controller, homing/end stops (easy to find on Amazon and appear to be really easy to wire), and for a touch plate for Z zero setting. The laser attachment will be somewhere in the $100-150 range. The stop switches should be less than $10 ( though you’ll have to make your own mounts ). The touch plate is also less than $10.So far, I’ve done 3D relief carvings on MDF and maple, engraving in Al bracelet stock. Next, I’ve ordered a laser head to attach and I’m looking forward to trying that out with the also included laser grbl software. With good leveling, it should be easy to carve PCBs similarly ( there are a lot of tutorials on YouTube for that as well ).I’m looking forward to trying the laser, particularly for vaporizing coating on metals in a negative photolithography fashion, allowing me to electro-etch metal plates, jewelry, etc.If this machine is assembled without attention to level and adjusting, the results might not be perfect. But, the design itself, without a lot of geeky adjusting, will get you pretty close. With a little more attention, like I described above, it’s a pretty solid entry-level machine, and can give some professional looking results on soft materials within the limits of the work dimensions ( pretty big compare to previous generation machines ).

  8. NW engineer guy

    For the price, this is a great buy. The parts were well packaged and arrived quickly. The design is good and assembly takes about 4 hours. If I had to build a second one, it would take 1/3 the time. Most of that time figuring out the not so clear instructions. However, there are lots of YouTube videos and web photos to help.After I built it, I found one of the stepper motors not working. I emailed the amazon seller and they sent a replacement by DHL air from China. Great service!The software is more complicated but learning is the main reason for this thing anyway.I would certainly recommend this item if you want to learn this kind of stuff.

  9. Charles Carey

    Very easy to assemble with nice instructions. Performed very well for the first day then the spindle motor started making funny noises. Notified WAM Direct through Amazon and received a replacement motor in 4 days.The upgraded version is very easy to use and the software is a modified version of Candle. The driver for windows 10 installed without a hitch and I was up and running in not time at all.This is a desktop CNC machine which means you’ll need some kind of dust control if you are using it inside. A simple cardboard box works well for me.Lots of support on the sainsmart facebook page.

  10. Woody1

    The CNC 3018 Pro is a solid built machine and performs as advertised. It took a lot longer than 20 minutes to assemble, however, it was not difficult. I bought the machine to engrave Egyptian symbols into a homemade picture frame for a papyrus print that required rails almost 8 feet long. I was able to clamp the rails down tightly with the supplied clamps and move the rails forward approximately 8 inches at a time. The ends of the rails were set on vegetable cans so they would roll with the main deck moving forward and backward. I was missing a spring in the box and WAM Direct stood by their warranty and provided excellent service and delivered the part quickly. With the supplied software, the project came out beautifully.

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