UO Smart Beam Laser, CES Awarded Portable Mini Projector, 1280x720HD, Focus Free Class 1 Laser, Wireless 2 hrs, Built in Speaker, MIRRORING Smartphone, Tablet, HDMI pc, Laptop, Video Game, Apple TV: Gateway

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Product Description


uo smart beam laser projectorFocus-Free = Auto Focus (No more adjusting the focus) + No need to worry about casting a screen on uneven surface!!

  1. UO Smart Beam Laser is world’s 1st and best laser portable projector with eye safe class 1 laser and FDA registration.
  2. Portable 2 inch cube projects up to 150 inch HD screen.
  3. This is the first and best laser projector which stay focused all the time so you can enjoy sharp vivid color images whenever and wherever you want.
  4. Simply connect UO Smart Beam Laser with a smartphone, tablet, laptop, pc, media player or any other devices to play video, audio, picture, presentations using Wi-Fi or Wire.

laser projector

FDA accessed (# 1611158-000) Class 1 Eye-Safe Laser Projector

Projected image from around 3 ft. to 15 ft. away from the screen and diagonal 30 in. to 150 in. of screen size is completely FOCUS FREE. No need to worry about FOCUSING ever again! This projector also supports up to 4K input and 1200 x 720 HD progressive HD native resolution of output with maximum of 100 Lumens, which provides vibrant colors and soft images on the bright-color wall, ceiling, or projector screen and performs better in a complete dark environment

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CES Award Innovative Product Awards

CES Innovative Product Awards

  1. Project it on any surface at anytime, anywhere on any surface.
  2. Focus Free Projector – NO need to adjust a focus and Enjoy HD images.
  3. Portable Pocket Size 2 inch cube projects up to 150 inch HD.
  4. Compatible to use with variety devices using Wi-Fi or wire such as smartphone, tablet, laptop, computer, etc.
  5. Portable Pocket Size Audio and Battery Built-in Wireless Projector.
  6. LCoS technology using Laser Light source.

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Additional information

Item Weight

8 ounces

Product Dimensions

2.2 x 2.2 x 2.2 inches


1 Lithium Polymer batteries required.

Color Name


Special Features

Class 1 Laser Display Technology, Built-in Speaker

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3.7 out of 5 stars

20 customer reviews

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3.7 out of 5 stars

Best Sellers Rank

#428 in Video Projectors

Shipping Weight

1.5 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)

Date First Available

October 23, 2016

10 reviews for UO Smart Beam Laser, CES Awarded Portable Mini Projector, 1280x720HD, Focus Free Class 1 Laser, Wireless 2 hrs, Built in Speaker, MIRRORING Smartphone, Tablet, HDMI pc, Laptop, Video Game, Apple TV: Gateway

  1. Amazon Customer

    It is an amazing little gadget. It is what I expected. If the audio level was little higher I will give it 6 starts.

  2. Amazon Customer

    This projector is great. I bought it for when I’m at conferences. I couldn’t believe how tiny and bright it is. It’s almost as bright as the 20 pound projector I used to lug around, but its so much more useful because of its size. It also doesn’t need to be focused (not sure how it’s possible, but its always sharp and clear) it has spoiled me.Battery life is good, I’ve only used the battery power a few times when I couldn’t find a plug (also handy). I have yet to push it until the battery dies, but it can easily last upwards of an hour.

  3. Kevin Duong

    The project0r was excellent. I really love it, i have bought so many different kinds of projector but none off them were good but this one fixed my pocket and easy to go with. I will buy 1 or 3 more in my next year for a gift to my nieces.

  4. Randal Colbert

    Mirroring phone to device.

  5. Emma Scott

    I have been in tech for almost 5 years I am pretty picky about tech gadgets. Overall, this is a good projector considering how tiny it is. I initially got this for the office use. I got another one for home as well.WATCHING EXPERIENCE:1)   I was surprised at how this mini projector can create 720p HD resolution.Good video and data image quality. I did not have any issue watching a movie in a dark room.2) Ultra-short throw and with distant (about 2.5ft away) the screen was big enough to share presentation with my team and to create home theater.3) In regards to the eye safety, I can’t really tell. But my vision is bad so I’d go for the ones with a light source that would prevent my eyes from getting worse.4) Focus Free – one of the feature I learned from this product. It’s convenient. I can move around with projector without worrying about losing image focus.PORTABILITY: Compact. Light. Something I would add to house party or camping so my friends and family can watch movies or sport games together. If you are into traveling yes to this particular projector.PRICE: Not bad. I know there are the ones that are over thousand dollars and still brings okay performance. This is 1/3 of big brand products with fairly good performance.EASE OF USE:1) Connectivity: Was easy for me. I use Samsung Galaxy S7 Android OS. The projector worked well with my phone with Wi-Fi connection. HDMI Cable included – with non-wireless connection, this one works even better.2) Navigation: It was straightforward. Once the projector is on, the screen will appear. It took me for a while to figure out how to use the button on the top corner (It’s like iPhone has one button lol). Maybe some of you need help.- Click once: turn on and off- Click twice: android mirroring to iphone mirroring and vice versa.- Volume: 0,1,2,3,4,5 and click again goes back to 0 and repeat.FAN NOISE: very little noise – unnoticeable when I put on spotify or netflix.

  6. Ruppert J Wahner

    Well it educated me about the difference between Apple and Android USB-c cables, an apple USB-c male is slightly larger than an Android’s so it will not work with Android’s USB-c female connection. It works fine when plugged into the HDMI port on your computer or DVD player The WiFi connection connects to your network but it is limited in what you can do through its WiFi app which again dosen’t work as well as it does on its apple counter part, there are third party apps that are made for it but again they do not make full use of what it is supposed to do. All in all it’s a headache for Android users and would make a great gift to an iPhone user.

  7. GRC

    I am totally amazed by the quality of this projector! As long as you use the projector the way it was designed to be used the quality is excellent. I had a problem at first mirroring from my Galaxy 7 Edge but customer service at KDC worked with me and we were able to eliminate the problem. To be perfectly honest the projector was not at fault it was me.Using the projector with the wired HDMI worked right away.

  8. Emily

    I use nothing but apple products. I bought the lightning adapter that in instructions say that come with the projector. The plugs that came with the cube projector DO NOT FIT THE APPLE LIGHTNING ADAPTER. So, what do I do now guys? Our hopes were so high I am so disappointed with your product. Tell me what to do now I just spent extra money on this special adapter and IT STILL DOESN’T WORK! If you don’t address this I’m sending it back.

  9. patey francois

    Good product, little and performer

  10. Tuoli

    Unable to connect wireless speakers

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