Titanium Derma Roller Micro-Needle Skin Beauty Wrinkles Scars Acne 192 Needles





Product Description

100% brand new quality


High quality micro needle roller system.


Effective anti-aging tools.


Reduce the common symptoms of aging, such as wrinkles, facial ptosis and so on.


Promote blood circulation, make your skin tighten and elastic.


Effectively improve scars, striae gravidarum, acne and so on


It can also be applied to the whole body.


Made of safe materials, friendly and harmless.

[methods of use]


Facial cleanser;


Face disinfection 70% alcohol alcohol wipe the face, you can use alcohol cotton slices, or alcohol spray;


The needle was sterilized and the boiled cold water was rinsed with micro needles, then dried and sterilized with 70% medicinal alcohol;


Aseptic operation, a non sterile micro needle operation will have the risk of infection, please be sure to pay attention to disinfection!


Daub essence / dope, make sure it is mild and gentle;


The beginning of the rolling area is divided into forehead, cheeks and chin, needle direction is rice font, that is, horizontal, vertical and diagonal. 5 times in each direction, the intensity is mild or moderate, do not force too much, especially sensitive skin, the intensity is mild. The strength and speed of the whole face roll should be consistent. Each operation time is about 15 minutes, according to each person’s speed and proficiency, the time is slightly different, but not more than 60 minutes!


Pay attention to moisturizing the face after rolling, and use high moisturizing essence / cream, without irritation and mild products;


Rinse the warm water after rolling, rinse the micro needle, then dry and sterilize with 70% medicinal alcohol, then put it into the roller box for safekeeping.



Microneedle is only suitable for healthy adult skin! If there is a wound, or pustule acne, please use after the wound healing, prevent bacterial infection.


Micro needles can be used once every 2 days or 3 angels, that is, 2-3 times a week, and must be avoided before and after micro needle operation.


After a few minutes or days of micro needle surgery, there will be redness and swelling phenomenon, is a normal phenomenon, if the situation is serious, must stop using, and consult a doctor.


This micro needle roller is not sterile packaging, please disinfect before using for the first time!


After a long period of use, the micro needle becomes blunt, or accidentally falls to the ground (after collision, the micro needle will bend or blunt), please replace the new microneedle.



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