Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WH1000XM3: Wireless Bluetooth Over the Ear Headphones with Mic and Alexa voice control – Industry Leading Active Noise Cancellation – Black: Electronics

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1000xm3<img alt=”1000xm3″ src=”,0,1464,600_PT0_SX1464_V1___.jpg”>



Industry-leading noise canceling headphones with Alexa voice control.







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  1. wh1000xm3

Industry-leading Digital Noise Cancellation

  1. Hear every word, note, and tune with incredible clarity, no matter your environment.
  2. Premium Sound Quality

Proprietary HD Noise Canceling Processor QN1

  1. Dramatically improves the sound quality of whatever you choose to listen to.
  2. Comfortable

Wear all day in total comfort

  1. Soft pressure-relieving earpads with larger and deeper ergonomic ear space. Lighter weight design.
  2. Easy Carrying

Swivel & folding structure for easy carrying

  1. Swivel and fold neatly into the carry case along with the cable for easy storage and portability.
  2. Hands-free Calling

Clear hands-free calling

  1. Phone conversations are even more clear than before with a microphone dedicated to voice input.

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1Noise Cancellation 2Premium Sound Quality 3All-day Comfort 4Easy to carry 5Hands-free Calling

30 hr<img alt=”30 hr” src=”,0,1464,600_PT0_SX1464_V1___.jpg”>

Extra-long battery life with quick charging

Up to 30 hours of battery life on a single charge keeps you listening instead of charging. Low on battery? No problem – 10 minutes of charge time gives you an amazing 5 hours of playback.


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  1. wh1000xm3

Amazon Alexa-Built in

  1. Alexa-enabled for hands-free voice access to music, information, and more.
  2. Smart Listening

Smart Listening by SENSE ENGINE

  1. Automatically detects your activity and balances the noise canceling levels.
  2. Connect with app

“Sony | Headphones Connect” App for Android /iOS

  1. Control your ambient sound settings and adjust the sound levels with the Equalizer.
  2. Personal Optimizing

Noise cancellation personalized

  1. Analyzes the sonic characteristics caused by head size, glasses, hair, & optimizes the sound to you.
  2. Bluetooth and NFC

Wireless freedom with Bluetooth and NFC

  1. Hassle-free wireless connections to stream high-quality music and phone calls.

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1000xm3<img alt=”1000xm3″ src=”,0,1464,600_PT0_SX1464__.jpg”>



Sony Headphones

WH-1000XM3WH-1000XM3 XB900NWH-XB900N CH700NWH-CH700N XB700WH-XB700 CH510WH-CH510 CH400WH-CH400
Type Over-ear Over-ear Over-ear On-ear On-ear On-ear
Noise Cancelling Industry-leading NC Digital Noise Cancellation Digital Noise Cancellation N/A N/A No
Battery Life 30 Hrs 30 Hrs 35 Hrs 30 Hrs 35 Hrs 20 Hrs
Quick Charge Battery 10 Min charge 5 Hrs playback 10 Min charge 60 Min playback 10 Min charge 60 Min playback 10 Min charge 90 Min playback N/a
Touch control
Ambient Sound Mode
Hi-Res Audio Capability
Extra Bass
Customize Sound with app
Foldable design
Swivel design


Additional information


Black, Silver

Item Weight

9 ounces

Shipping Weight

1.65 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)





California residents

Click here for Proposition 65 warning

Item model number



1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Customer Reviews

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4.6 out of 5 stars

8,023 ratings

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4.6 out of 5 stars

Best Sellers Rank

#98 in Cell Phones & Accessories (See Top 100 in Cell Phones & Accessories)

#3 in Over-Ear Headphones

Date first listed on Amazon

August 30, 2018

3 reviews for Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WH1000XM3: Wireless Bluetooth Over the Ear Headphones with Mic and Alexa voice control – Industry Leading Active Noise Cancellation – Black: Electronics

  1. S. Mc

    See below for update!So far, my experienced is mixed. The current version of the Sony Headphone Connect app on iOS doesn’t support these. Talk about poorly planned release. So, none of the advance capabilities are available, and therefore are currently basic Bluetooth headphones with noise cancelling….that you can’t adjust. Fortunately, the default NC profile is good, and they do sound good. Also, they are lighter than the XM2s, but the headband feels more solidly built. I think they also sound better (clarity, dynamics, bass) than the XM2 and QC35. Comfort is very good, not quite as good as Bose QC35, but pretty close.Update: about 12hrs after posting this, Sony has released the updated software to the iOS App Store. Works great with the software. Allows for tweaking and calibration of NC, eq, etc. sweet.

  2. AMC Supreme

    So preordered these because I figured I’d break them in for awhile before posting. Then compare them side by side to the WH1000xm2. I will list the advantage this has over the m2 then finding out if you need to upgrade to help with your purchase decision. I use the Sony pretty religiously so no nitpicking here.1. Sound quality: The Wh1000xm3 sound better than the wh1000xm2 for obvious reason but not blow out the water better. You hear more separation in your music. Also if you ever use the surround modes (dont hate me for this mx2 owners) but there is a very faint but slightly annoying static that occurs when you use the surround modes. Especially on arena mode. The wh1000xm3 erased this totally and that static is no longer there. This may be a big reason of Sony adding the QN1 chip as the wh1000xm2 may have tried to process the music and noise cancelling but since there was no medium, both went throughthe same channels which causes static that you hear. It made my listening experience far more enjoyable.2. Noise cancelling: Noise cancelling is not noise proof. It does block out more sound than its predecessor however with noise cancelling I felt that the m2 cancelled more sound. Although with noise cancelling on, the m3 do a much better job. I no longer had to put music up to 50 percent to block out sound from very moist environments. Just 20-25 does the trick. Although by itself it already cancels noise out exceptionally better.Now to clarify the reason the reason why noise cancelling headphones have a hard time cancelling voices. It’s really because your voice is not a constant sound wave. It constantly oscillates and to produce counter sound waves to that requires a lot. Despite this, these are the best noise cancelling headphones on the market right now. Now are they 4x better in noise cancelling? I would say 40%better but not 4x which seems like a stretch. But getting rid of the static may have been something.Build quality: To cut down on costs since you already have the QN1 chip and for a smoother design. Sony added the plastic over the brush aluminum. Also to appeal to their female market as well, they tried to make headphones that appealedto both genders. If you notice, not many girls really wanted to try the wh1000xm2. I did a test of and I got a positive response for men about wearing the wh1000xm2 about 82% while only 18%of females really wanted to try the wh1000xm2. However for the xm3 with the same even 100 amount. I got a higher positive response from females about 42% to 56% men. Plus the lighter xm3 adds to longer hours of listening. The wh1000xm3 is still built well, although you had a leather cup to create a better noise cancelling seal. The wh1000xm3 does not need that so it can afford a sleek appearance. Plus it cuts down on the weight. There is added padding at the top of the wh1000xm3 so when you bump your head, you are protected from most of the shock whereas with the m2 they get scratched at the top fairly easily.USB: USB-C instead of micro is a vast improvement. Do keep in mind your charger is also a prominent factor on how well it stays. I recommend using anker products for their cables and wall charger. The Sony cable is pretty short. The audio cable us really not THAT bad and it seems most people are overreacting about this and I’m not sure why.Case: the case is definitely sturdier and has more room inside. Although I do miss the snap on and snap off case of the m2.What I pointed out where key points as most other things can be looked up on the Sony page and reading the features of the headphones. Although please note neither have multipoint connecting abilities. Although this never bothered as my phone my main source so that’s never bothered me.But is it worth the upgrade? If it really isnt in your budget, I would sell your XM2 first then get the XM3. If the xm2 has been working well for you then you are fine. Save yourself another $350. If it is in your budget just measure against other items you could get, if this is it, go for it. I can say you will not be disappointed.

  3. Kkillian71

    Edit the seconding: I was able to get in contact with Sony. They replaced the headset within a week and the second pair works perfectly. The call quality issues were fixed and they perform just as well in all other regards. I am going to adjust my rating from 3 to 5 stars.Edit: I have found that this issue is not repeatable when calling through Skype or Whatsapp. When using the built in phone dialer for IOS and Android the issue with the hallway/echo occurs. When using a VOIP service the calls come through crystal clear on both ends.I received my headphones yesterday and I have been very impressed. The sound quality and noise cancellation is very well done. There is just one issue from making them great. It is impossible to make a phone call through them. It sounds like I am down a hallway when talking. I have been told that the person on the other end could hear an echo of themselves better than the they can hear me. So far the tagline seems to be right “Only Music. Nothing Else”.

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