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4 reviews for Powderma Acne Treatment : Beauty

  1. HighHopes79

    Update 7/1/16:I’ve never done such a hard reverse on my opinion of a product. I started to notice a bit of clearing after using Powderma for about three weeks, so I stuck with it. I still don’t love the package design and think it needs a slow-flow top, but I figured out a better way to apply. I sprinkle a very small amount in my hands after my morning shower, bend 90 degrees from the waist so my back is as flat as possible, then reach behind myself with a closed fist before opening my hands and rubbing in the powder as well as possible. I do the same on my chest, bending backward as much as possible. Some powder still falls off, but enough stays for sufficient treatment. (My bathroom rug has to be washed every few days because it gets messy from the Powderma that doesn’t stick.) I don’t really care that it’s not a perfect application or makes a bit of a mess in my bathroom, though, because after a few months of use, for the first time since I was 12 (I’m now 37), I have nearly perfect skin on my body. It doesn’t bleach anything, and doesn’t leave a noticeable feel on my skin. For me, it’s magic in a bottle and, literally, had changed my life. I am beyond pleased. Thank you, Powderma. (No one from Powderma contacted me to change my original negative review. This is an honest experience, and I strongly urge anyone battling body acne to stick with the product, even if you don’t like it at first. It just takes some getting used to.)–Original one-star review:I’m not sure if all of these five-star reviews are for a prior formulation as mentioned in one of other less-than-stellar reviews, but this “powder” is more like sand! It has such a gritty texture that the large granules fall right off my powder puff and slide off my skin. (It’s no better if I try applying it straight with my hands.) It’s simply far too coarse to actually stick long enough to sink in. Another issue is the horrible packaging. Who makes a powder in a completely open jar without a slow-flow top?! Good luck dispensing this without spilling it everywhere. And God speed to your lungs once it’s airborne! Nice way to cause product waste. After 23 years of battling back acne and four rounds of Accutane, I had serious hopes for this. I’ve tried absolutely everything. After reading the reviews, I thought Powderma just might change my life. I should have known better. Don’t waste your money. So incredibly disappointed.

  2. scarredknee

    I have used Powderma for years. If applied daily, it is an exceptional acne treatment, especially for body acne.

  3. bopeep

    I found powdered a few years ago on Amazon. I was looking for something to help control my acne as I’m in my 30s and still battle with it. I read the ingredients and for research I had done thought I would give this a shot as it seemed to contain stuff known to help acne. At that time microfiber salicylic was an ingredient. From the first time using it, I knew that I had found a gem. Within days the bumps dried and were almost gone. Over time using it, my skin smoothed, the marks faded and the oil slick that would appear during the course of the day stopped.Then I ran out and couldn’t find it again. Pimples started coming back, as well as the oiliness. I found Powderma again a few months ago and was ecstatic. However, after I got it was the first time I realized that the formulation had changed. The texture is completely different. Before it was a nice smooth powder that was easy to apply and absorbed well into the skin. Now it has an abrasive sandy texture that is harder to get onto the skin and does no absorb as well. The micronized salicin is no longer an ingredient, but it is now di-generate. Been using it for a few months now and have not had near the success as before.If anyone from Powderma sees this. Please return to or at least make the old formulation available. It was more expensive than this new one, but I wouldn’t hesitate to buy cuz it works.

  4. M. Sigman

    Really works good.

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